About Combust Components

We are conveniently situated to the benefits of our customers in Pretoria near all the major highways. The Combust Components team prides themselves to provide professional and expert advice.

We have built up the proud reputation of being a company that is extremely reliable, trustworthy and competitive.

Reliable, trustworthy and competitive

Our staff offers friendly and technical sales service to assist customers at all times. Our objective is to sell original and proven alternative parts equal in quality to the OEM part, but at a competitive price to enhance the advantage to the end user to use Deutz engines in more applications, therefore reducing breakdown time and lower running fleet costs.



Our focus remains constantly on the expansion of spare parts for new engine ranges as per customer requirements. We strive to offer our customers the ever-best solution on engine repairs and maintenance.

We use the latest technology to our customers' advantage with strict quality policies so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their product is up to the latest standards.

Similar to the Deutz diesel engine but equal in reliability and at a lower cost.

Our factory warranty on mechanical engine parts is 12 months. We offer our clients a replacement air cooled diesel engine similar to the Deutz diesel engine but equal in reliability and at a lower cost.


Our products are applied in many fields, such as construction equipment, agricultural equipment, pumps, generator sets, mining machines, automotive applications, timber, and special vehicles. Our engines conform to ISO 9001 to ensure a quality product.

Factory warranty on all our new engines is 12 months/1000 hours.

We specialize in all Deutz diesel engine models and carry a wide range of quality engine parts to suit every need. Buying and selling of older and newer Deutz diesel engine models, stripping engines for used original engine parts, and reconditioning engines and engine parts to ensure that our clients receive a product that suits his/her budget.